Mcgarr Multi-generation Family Session: Tribute to Grandma Fall City, Washington Issaquah and Seattle Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer

When Nicole reached out to me about this session, I was just touched.  A HUGE part of why I think I was lead to photography is it's contribution to telling and preserving family history.  If you know me or follow along with my journey, one thing you'd know about me is how important I think it is to have photographs with your grand parents.  It's one reason why I try to take as many pictures of my children with their grand parents as possible.  Both of father's parents have now passed away, and my mother's father passed the year I got married.  I wish I could have more pictures to look back on with them.

So, when Nicole reached out to me to do a special tribute session to her grandmother, I was honored.  THIS IS MY WHY!  

Nicole and her family were a dream to work with.  I LOVED all of the little props and details that Nicole put into to making this session a success and showcasing her grandmother's life for generations to come.  You'll see grandma with pictures of her deceased husband and parents.  One of my favorite pictures of this session has to be the one of grandma and her great-grandson looking at one another.      

We photographed this session at a rustic lodge in Fall City, Washington.  It was a beautiful location!  Even though the sun snuck away behind some clouds for a bit, we lucked out with a day without rain.

I'm so happy with the way these photographs turned out!  And, it makes me especially happy for Nicole and her family that they saw the importance of preserving these memories and acted on their feelings!  I hope this session brings your family joy, and I hope you will always be able to look back and these pictures and remember the happiness that grandma brought toyour life.

Me ke aloha,
Leilani Dong