Miller Family Lifestyle Session- Verado, Arizona Seattle and Issaquah Family Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer

Family history is really important to me.  I have had some medical problems that I've come across recently.  Photography takes a lot of my extra time.  It's hard.  At the same time, this is a REAL business that I have invested in both time and talent.  When I think about whether I'm "pushing myself too hard", I'm reminded of the work that I'm actually doing.  I'm recording the family history and stories of those around me.  I LOVE it!  I love being able to give back in a way that is so meaningful to me.  It's especially meaningful when I get to record my own family's stories!

My cousin Cody and Kellee had a baby just a few weeks a part from when I gave birth to my little Keahi.  He's so adorable, and I'm so happy that I got to meet him!  I did Cody's sister's, Kacey's, maternity photos while I was in Arizona as well (photos coming to the blog soon), and when I asked her about baby Knox, she said that she could only go a few days between seeing him.  He so SWEET and adorable!  You can see why!    

Even though it's hard, I'm grateful that I can record these special moments for my family, and be a part of this special season in my cousin's life.  I wish you and Kellee all the best!  Thank you for letting me tell a small piece of your family's story!