Tamblyn Family Lifestyle Session- Goodyear, Arizona Seattle Family and Wedding Photographer

I have officially set my record for the quickest session I've ever done with a family.  I had set-up with all of my siblings to to do family sessions while I was down in Arizona.  These past few months, I've taken several classes to help me learn new techniques and skills to better serve my clients and continue my personal development and education in photography.  For families, that was taking Gina Zeidler's Awkward to Awesome course and reading Jon Canlas's  FIND- Ohana Means Family Guide.  I LOVE both of those teachers, and I'd been dying to implement my new skills and techniques.  

My siblings are some of my number one supporters.  They get to hear me talk about how excited I am, my successes, and my downfalls.  My sister Nani helped me narrow down my logo design- she knew me, and I trusted her opinion on what would work to represent me and my brand.  So, it was such a disappointment when I fell ill and wasn't able to photograph their families the second half of my visit.  

Getting ready to head out the door, leaving my sister Ma'ila's whom I had been staying with during my trip, I had everything packed and waiting in the car.  I could just see my sister Ma'ila.  Always supportive and understanding, yet, I felt so bad that I wasn't able to at least get a few pictures for her of her sweet little family.  So, with my babies and husband in the car, bags and camera packed, running late as ever, I asked Ma'ila to grab her Canon t5 so I could get a few shots of their family.

And, this was the quickest session I've ever done.  Literally, five minutes- look here, look there, spin, come together, done.  My one regret is that I didn't shoot the pictures in RAW format, which would have improved the quality and editing in post, but for a five minute session, I couldn't been happier with how they turned out.  

I'm hoping we'll be able to squeeze in a quick session when I go back down for the Aloha Festival for my sister Nani, and maybe another session for my other siblings, but with a packed schedule, we'll see what we can come up with...