Champion Maternity Session Avondale and Glendale Arizona, Issaquah and Seattle Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer

Can I be honest?  I totally started tearing up at the end of this maternity session.  My cousin Kacey is the oldest of five, and the only girl.  She's the princess of her family!  At the end of their maternity session, we decided to do a pose that I've done before, but when I saw it with Kacey and Jordan, I couldn't help but look at through a new perspective.  My cousin had found her knight in shining armor!  I'm so excited for them as they begin this new journey together.  

We began our session at Westgate in Glendale, Arziona, and ended the session at the Garden Lakes Fountains in Avondale.  I've been playing around with finding and perfecting my editing style.  I definitely lean towards the light and airy, and I LOVE the look of film.  For this session, while my usual go to is using the Mastin Labs presets as a base, I actually used Katelyn James' preset that comes with her course on consistency.  I'm really enjoying her classes so far.  I appreciate how she advocates for learning how to hand edit so that you understand all of the modules in Lightroom and can make the changes yourself without relying on presets.  In her class, she walks you through how she created her base preset and where to go from there.  I'm also a part of the Mastin Labs Facebook community group which has been a great resource in learning how to edit to achieve a more film-like look.  In the end, while I used Katelyn's base preset and applied some of the rules that I learned in her course, I also implemented a lot of the techniques that I use when I use my Mastin Labs presets to edit.  A big aspect of that is learning and using the J-trick.  

I'm so grateful that I could be a part of this special time for my cousin and her growing family!  It's was great being able to catch up with her and Jordan.  I know that great things are coming their way.  LOVE you guys!