Tamblyn Ohana- Gilbert, Arizona/ Leilani Dong Photography Phoenix, Arizona Photographer

This is my sister's family.  You'll probably see them grace by blog and feed from time to time.  Ma'ila is expecting her second child this winter.  Both of my sister's (I have two) had babies right around the time I had my first.  My eldest sister, Nani, had a her baby just days before my son Keoni was born.  Ella, Ma'ila's first, was born just a few months after.  We now have three little three year olds all around the same age. 

My sister Ma'ila is a big "supporter".  She graciously gives of her time and talents to help those around her.  She'll often baby sit for others- myself included and loves all the babies.  We all need supporters in our lives.  I'm so grateful for all of the love and care she's poured into our family (both my immediate and extended) over the years, and I'm grateful for Mitchel for all of the love and support he provides for his little family.  

If sewing is something you're interested in, you should know that my sister, Maila, made both her dress and her daughter's dress for this session!  I envy her sewing skills!  Sewing is on my list of things I'd like to do more of this next year.

Love this little family, and that they are a part of our family!