Launch Day

It's finally HERE!!!  There is so much to say!  I don't even know where to begin.

I began the process of updating my website the end of this summer.   I found Emma Rose through the Mastin Labs User Group on Facebook.  Before I had even put two and two together, I was actually already admiring her images as inspiration for my own developing style and brand.  It wasn't until someone posted a question about websites that I followed through to her website and found all of her amazing work as a graphic designer!

Working with Emma has been a dream!  As a photographer herself, Emma knew exactly what I needed.  It was like she knew what I was looking for before I even had time to put words to my thoughts!  That's not to say that I didn't have my own in-put, but there were just a handful of little things that I didn't have to think through because she just nailed them!  At one point, I had to find a different verb to describe everything she had put together, because you can only use the word "love" so many times in one email.

While working with Emma has been a dream come true, it has also been both a beautiful yet difficult time for me with the birth of my second son this last October.  I let Emma know that I might be "slow to respond to emails" before we started the process, because I was set to give birth right in the middle of it all.  I just didn't know how slow I would be.  Emma was wonderful to work with throughout it all.   

Building a website went hand in hand with building a brand for me.  There is a lot to think through and develop.  I was building more than just a website, I was building a key piece of my brand!  I'm very hands on and tend to like to see things and make adjustments.  Emma gave me the tools I needed to feel confident to make adjustments myself while she handled everything that I wouldn't be able to tackle on my own and more!  She was always patient with me with all of the tweaks that I asked for, and was right there with me in wanting this to be everything that I hoped for and more!

When Emma's past clients write of gaining more than just a graphic designer to help them in designing a website, they also gain a friend, people have no idea just how true that is!  After my son was born, I tried my best to work on my business as much as I could while still keeping my head above water.  Lack of sleep and some stress with the daily hustle of it all eventually lead me to the ER... I won't go too much into detail here, but it was extremely discouraging.  I had to really re-evaluate my expectations.  Yet, along the way, I had people reach out, lift, and encourage me just when I felt like it might be too much or  giving up on this dream of mine.  I had come so far, and worked so hard!  Hours of hard work and sacrifice!  Emma was one of those voices of encouragement.  Family and health come first!  Don't get me wrong- there's a reason this took me so long, but I believe it's important to lean into the hard things sometimes.  Emma gave me the lee-way that I needed to put my family and health first while at the same time helped me to create a beautiful website and brand that I could be proud of!


1.  As a space for me and my photography clients to interact. I'll share your stories through images that we capture, and future clients will have a sounding board to get to know me and a way to reach out, schedule, and contact me.

2.  It also creates a space for me share resources and materials related to the Hawaiian culture, language, and its people.


A key feature of the site is that I'll be blogging a lot more!  I want my clients to feel like they know me before we even enter into a client session.  I'll share your images here, and do my best to tell your story.  I'll also be sharing tips and secrets I've learned a long the way as well as personal posts about myself and my family.  Feel free to look around!

Maholo nui for coming on this journey with me, and helping to make this passion of mine a dream come true!